About the BillyVac

Meet the BillyVac – a compact and retractable boat central vacuum system designed to hide within the walls of your boat, RV or tiny home. Saving you time AND space, this system really sucks!

Our Story

The BillyVac was founded by passionate sailor and 20-year owner/operator of Vacuflo Calgary, Sean Kernahan. After spilling cereal all over the galley floor of his sailboat, he instinctively went to get the central vacuum only to remember that, unless you are on a luxury yacht, boats don't come equipped with such things. It was on this sunny day in the Bahamas that he decided to invent one that would fit discretely within the walls of the cabin, and have enough sucking power to keep his home clean.

Meet the Team

Sean Kernahan
Founder and President
Sean (aka ‘Kiwi’) was born and raised in New Zealand and is where he first fell in love with sailing. After immigrating to Canada, starting a family, and building a thriving central vacuum business, Sean decided it was time to rekindle his love of the ocean. He purchased a 41 foot Morgan Out Island sailboat in 2012 and has been an avid sailor ever since. His boat - The Irish Rover - has made its home in Florida, which is where the idea for the BillyVac was first conceived.
Megan Davies
Vice President and GM
Megan is the backbone of BillyVac. She runs daily operations and coordinates everything that makes BillyVac possible.
Katie Kernahan
Marketing and Comms Director
Katie is our resident communications marketing guru. By day she works for a technology company and by night, she can be found supporting the BillyVac.
James Kernahan
Creative Director
James is a Mechanical Engineer by profession but helps BillyVac out in his spare time. He grew up loving art and music and has been an integral part of the development of the BillyVac brand.